Meet the Team

Our team combines tax law expertise, accounting acumen, and technological innovation. We deliver comprehensive digital-first solutions, enabled by our team's extensive and varied expertise.

Martin Eisenstein


Martin Eisenstein, the CEO, a licensed CPA and attorney-at-law, offers a streamlined approach to legal, tax, and wealth advisory through his innovative Personal Business Manager program. With a history of managing multifamily offices for a prominent Hollywood talent agency, he's skilled at simplifying complex issues and creating understandable solutions. Martin's focus is on providing clear strategic advice to entrepreneurs, ensuring they're equipped with practical, forward-thinking strategies for their unique needs.

Stephannie Grullon, EA

Onboarding Specialist

Stephannie Grullon is at the core of our Tax and Accounting services, bringing a practical blend of an MBA education and a decade of experience in forensic accounting and real estate. As a licensed IRS enrolled agent, she's well-equipped to handle your tax and financial needs with clarity and insight. With Stephannie, expect not just detailed guidance but a genuine commitment to helping you navigate your finances effectively.

Cooper Trowbridge


Meet Cooper Trowbridge, our Chief Information Officer with a solid background at Microsoft, Amazon, and Red Hat. As a seasoned expert in software development and user experience, he is committed to enhancing our digital delivery of legal, accounting, and tax services. Cooper's focus is on ensuring every client interaction is seamless and satisfying, making him a pivotal part of our team's pursuit of excellence in the digital space.

Sheila Czechowski

Office Administrator

Sheila Czechowski, our dedicated office manager and paralegal, is the trusted backbone of client support and operations. Celebrating 20 years with us, her enduring commitment and efficiency have made her an indispensable part of our team and a reliable resource for our clients, ensuring a seamless service experience every step of the way.